Lula government try to prevent disclosure of drug seizure packaged with his image. AGU wants to censor post that shows seizure of drugs packaged with Lula’s photo. The Attorney General of the Union (AGU) decided to forward, still on Thursday (14), an extrajudicial notification to the Secretariat of Public Security of São Paulo (SSP) of the Tarcísio de Freitas, governor (Republicans Party).

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The goal is to call for the immediate removal of a post by the Secretary of Public Security of the state of São Paulo, Guilherme Derrite, which shows the seizure of drugs that were packed with stickers of the president of the republic Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva (PT) and the phrase “Faz o L”.

The notification highlights the political character of the posts, which convey photos of tablets of the drug with stickers of the president, and warns that, in case of non-compliance with the request, the AGU will adopt the appropriate judicial measures to repair the act and hold the public official responsible for the conduct – says the AGU note.

The images were published by Derrite on Wednesday (13). The narcotics displayed on platform X (formerly Twitter) were seized by the Military Police (PM), in the interior of the state of São Paulo.

The publication angered PT members such as state deputy Emídio de Souza (PT-SP), who protested and asked for “composure.”

The Secretary of Public Security of São Paulo, always uses his social networks to publish the operations and seizures made by the police teams of the state of São Paulo. This seizure of drugs with Lula’s face on it is just one of several seizures that are recorded there.

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